Riches In the Tall Grass

A poem for Julie




Your cream and sugar aurora, ancient and unyielding, broke the longest night.


Graceful in body, 


your swan essence and lavender milk song cross the blackest rivers to reach me.


My hands out stretched to grasp what can only be felt in the sanctuary of soul, 


soothed, satiated, held by your honeysuckle heart, ever present in mine,


your gracious blackberry mouth pouring yarn spun dreams.


I remember

the humble pile of beloved books you keep bedside, 


the once adored flowers cast into eternity, dried and strung on your valley view windows to be forever loved.


Not a thing goes to waste.


Not even heartbreak, offering your golden smoke gaze to drift over hours passed, shifting aches into unwavering shelter for us all,


a map into solace,


where I can rest.