Our wounds are our greatest teachers. We should not aim to rid ourselves of these sacred teachings or shy away with hesitation or fear. We must allow ourselves to feel it all, each moment of immense and unyielding power, so that we may discover our depths. Our most spectacular knowing may lay dormant until stirred by chaos. 

When we turn our faces from our wounds, they are stored, held, preserved in our bodies in their initial state of pain. Pain, calcified in the body, will wreak havoc on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, often times building walls around what is magnificent within us, never to be seen. 

If we can surrender ourselves to our journey unfolding, feeling deeply the message is being shared through our wounds, we invite ourselves to expand.  We will be offered wisdom from these experiences that will initiate our most authentic life. What wounds are calling to be unearthed & transmuted into wisdom? 

I often recite this quote, "The gift for doing good work is more work." You will find that your heart is shattered over & over.  May you honor this initiation of remembering yourself.