To birth a life

To birth a life:

Transformation is born rhythmic, perfect, unconfined and unpredictable. Ruthless like wildfire, seemingly shapeless, but exacting in nature, springing from the determined force that arises from the wells within.

You are offered a gentle nudge inviting you to shape shift. It will come as a whisper of foretelling, weaving it’s way into the fabric of your being. 

If gone unanswered, a deep longing takes root asking you to surrender your expectations. To form again more fluid, more able to grasp what you do not yet know.

Transformation is the unavoidable fault line cracking open within you, causing you to be set adrift. You must unhand what once was, so that you may reach with your entirety what is calling forward from within you. 

You may find yourself far from where you had set your well intentioned road map. 

It is possible to lean against the pull of what is taking you. You may dig your heels into your beloved foundation and say No, I will not go. You have the choice to hide from the mystery of your unknowable life, but even this will change you.