My Medicine

Each day is an act of devotion for my practice. My work is the commitment to helping others feel vital, feel worthy, feel the importance of their voice.


The most important aspect of my work is giving people the precise medicine they need. It is such a powerful facet of true healing to be able to identify with each person in a way that is resonate within them. It is the ability to speak each persons exact language and respond with potent wisdom that will ignite within that individual. 


I hold space for people to lay down all of their boundaries/fears and exist in a space that is completely their own without judgement. People allow me to step into their world with them so that we can co-create pathways to true healing, and that requires attention to our multitude of internal and external layers. 


When we share our stories, our pain, our mysteries with others we no longer carry the weight alone. My work is to be a witness to the many stories of our community, to be a voice that carries the message of possibility, and to be an anchor in times of chaos.