Wellness Dialogue

A Wellness Consultation is a one on one healing discussion where we explore your current personal landscape & co-create pathways to wholeness through mindfulness practices, self reflection & positive intentional change.

Each session is tailored to each individual, we discuss emotional patterns, energetic blocks, & the return to wellness. 

I offer integrative mindfulness tools, self reflection exercises, channeled messages & healing of long held personal stories. 

Consultations are 75 minutes or two hours & after each session you will receive an audio file of our session, along with my recommendations for more radiant being. 

75 Minute Session $75 / 2 Hour Session $120 / Distance Phone Sessions Available

SLIDING SCALE: beginning at $50 per 75 minute session

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine sessions begin with a discussion about your physical & emotional wellness, during which you have the opportunity to address any specific issues you'd like to focus on. 

Often times, our bodies manifest ailments that stem from an unearthed emotional issue. Within our initial discussion we will explore various possibilities for self exploration & healing.

Following our dialogue you will receive a 30-45 minute hands on energetic treatment, an ancient form of healing that works within the bodies own energetic system to transform, transmute & heal. Throughout energetic healing sessions I receive messages & guidance for your deepest healing & insight, which we will integrate together & thoroughly discuss. You will receive recommendations for continuing practices & the audio file from our session. 

Energy Medicine goes where it is needed the most within us. Our bodies are so wise & will work with you to support your greatest vision of vitality. For some, Energy Medicine may heal a physical wound. For others, Energy Medicine may shift your mental or emotional perspective.

Our wounds are our greatest teachers. Energy Medicine does not aim to rid ourselves of these sacred teachers, but accept what message is being offered to us, so that we may step more fully into our own authenticity & heal whole heartedly.

75 Minute Session $75 / 90 Minute Session $90

Sliding Scale: beginning at $50 per 75 minute session


Meditation allows us to connect with our inner world and is an invitation for deeper self awareness. Within our meditation practice we will discover our inner tools of wisdom and remember our own voice, while supporting our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Meditation groups provides an opportunity to connect with our diverse population, and share in devotional practices that strengthens our community.

 I offer hands on energy healing & channeled messages to all who are open to receiving. All words are spoken to illuminate the path forward.

Community Meditation groups are $10-$15 for our meditation hour.


Mentorship sessions are for those who are seeking support in their emerging personal practice and/or community offerings. Mentorship sessions provide practical and intuitive insight for those building or looking to expand their healing businesses.

Mentorship sessions blossomed out of our communities desire for knowledge, wisdom and support through the inception of our creative work. I offer guidance to those planting seeds for future possibilities, or those who are currently tending to full gardens of intentional work.

60 Minute Session $60 / 90 Minute Session $90

Plant Magic Medicine: Flower Essence


The plants usher in true ways of seeing- offering support, clarity or sometimes a much needed kick in the ego. Plant spirits witness us fully, illuminating all of the dark corners we have tucked away, and ask us to acknowledge our story wholeheartedly so that we may move forward into our most authentic being. My intention in our community has been to share this invitation for witnessing, transforming and blossoming through spirit counseling, weekly mindfulness & meditation, retreats & collaborations. I look forward to connecting you to the medicine that is calling through plant essences. I am continually humbled by plants & their ability to meet us just where we are, with exactly the balm we need. 

$15 per essence / connect to inquire / small batch / available at events & by post