Seasonal Care Package

Each day I make space to connect with nature and movement, however small or elaborate. I have understood nature to be essential to my flowering, my ability to hold space for you comes from my devoted practice of connection. On my walk through the fields one morning I was offered an idea:

Seasonal Care Package: Three private sessions over the course of three months, with a paired seasonal plant medicine that I create & a personal prayer channeled for you for the current season. Season Care Packages are a grounded, guided space to support you through the ebb and flow of each budding season at a digestible rate for your process. Sessions are spaced over the course of three months with flexibility to flow with your schedule.

Each cycle of the year offers transformational energies, depending on the season we are asked to tune in, share, retreat, express, restore, move, change, rest, etc. My intention for your Seasonal Care Package is to offer consistent support over the course of three months for those who are devoted to their flowering, to their transformation, to all of the possibilities of this life.

Seasonal Care Package

+ Three 75 minute Private Sessions (Energy Healing, Spirit Counseling, Mentorship) with recorded audio file from each session
+ One handcrafted & heart made seasonal plant medicine to pair with current energies
+ Personal Channeled Prayer to hold you through the season as an anchor of intention
Seasonal Care Package enrollment for the Summer season begins June 1st:

Enrollment before June 10th: $200 total
Enrollment after June 10th: $222 total
Amount can be paid in full or over the course of three sessions

Summer Care Package: June, July, August

Summer Plant Medicine: Hawthorn Flower Essence for Heart Healing

Connect to explore the magic of connection, consistent support and intention! May you find your truest knowing in this season of blooming!

Autumn Care Package: September, October, November

Autumn Plant Medicine: TBD