I assist others in exploring the vast transformative power of personal understanding & self acceptance through Meditation, Energy Healing, Mindfulness & Creative Expression.

I channel visions that illuminate the path forward with clarity, insight & compassion.

The body is a record keeper that remembers all things. Our entire history is stored within the body. Through opening to your bodies energy I receive imprints: images, sounds, language, feelings & then translate these messages to you to co-create pathways to true healing. This is my medicine of mindfulness, spirit & poetry all at once.

After a lifetime of cultural conditioning & suffering from a myriad of ailments including depression, disordered nutrition, chronic anxiety, & alcoholism, that stemmed from a deeply rooted feeling of imbalance, I found profound healing through mindful self reflection, union with nature, supportive community, devotion to self care & creativity. As Thich Nhat Hanh says simply- No Mud, No Lotus. 

When we share our stories, our pain, our mysteries with others we no longer carry the weight alone. My work is to be a witness to the many stories of our community, to be a voice that carries the message & vision of possibility. We must bare witness to all that we have created & endured, gently squeezing the nectar from our past so that our future is built from a place of wholeness and profound self understanding.

I work with individuals through one on one sessions & facilitate workshops locally with holistic health centers, yoga studios, non-profit organizations, public schools & within my private practice. Private Consultations, Community Workshops, and Retreats are hosted in Buffalo, East Aurora & Hamburg, New York.